Sunday, September 28, 2008

`Cause someday we'll go all the way

The Cubs finished their regular season today, ending with their best record in 63 years.  As a lifelong Cubs fan, I am excited by the fact that they had their best season now that I live in Chicago.  I am sure they did it for me.

I have never been the stereotypical over-optimistic Cubs fan, so "Maybe next year" has never been my motto.  But the Cubs are really good this year--really good.  So as with the election, I am cautiously optimistic . . .

So the playoffs begin on Wednesday, when the Cubs will face the Dodgers, a team with a worse record than the 4th place team in the NL Central.  And after the Cubs beat the Dodgers, they will face the winner of the Phillies-Brewers series.

And on from there . . .  Go Cubs go!

And as for Tina Fey on SNL last night: brilliant.  Sadly, however, she only had to change a few words to go from verbatim to parody.


At 9:51 PM, Blogger scott w posited...

Go Cubs!! Only until the world series, where then it will be Go Twins!! (Pending a White Sox loss on Monday vs. Detroit)


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