Friday, April 02, 2010


I have had a good but very uneventful spring break. I certainly have not done the school work I needed to do, though I guess I still have a couple of days. Or I could just tell my students that I was on break, you'll get your Romeo & Juliet essays when I feel like it, etc. (I'll probably work on them on Sunday.)

But right now I'm in Indiana visiting my brother and nephews for a couple of days. As an added bonus, my dad and his wife happen to be in town as well. So though a trip to Indiana is not quite Cancun or Park City, it is nice to get away for a bit.

And though I had already planned on blogging today from Indiana, my brother's computer is dead. So this blog post is my first-ever post created on my iPhone. It's a new day! Though the small keyboard is a bit limiting, it is nice to at least have the option to remotely blog. Maybe I'll start a regular remote blogging feature! (Of course that would involve blogging regularly in the first place.)

Well, this has been a boring post. Sorry.

But it's an iPhone post!!!


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